Here you will find our current prices. Please note that we do not charge VAT.

Local rate:

Our standard rate is £60.00 callout fee [up to 15 miles] which includes the first hour on-site.
Additional time is charged at a rate of £25.00 per half hour.
We are not VAT registered and do not add VAT to the price.
Please see our Payments page for further information.

Over 15 miles rate: In addition to the above cost we add £10.00 per 5 miles or part thereof to cover the extra time and fuel cost.

Return Visits:

If a return visit is needed, i.e. to fit a replacement part, then an additional £10.00 will be added to the total price to cover the extra petrol.


We visit and after 40 minutes we find that a part is required. We would charge for the first hour and owe you 20 minutes for the return visit. On the return visit we spend 50 minutes fitting the part & checking the system. The bill for the second visit would be £35.00.

The cost for the second visit is increased by £10.00 if the job is more than 15 miles away from base.

To find out the distance, enter your address or postcode and click the ‘Map It” button.


Cancellations or postponements within 12 hours of the start time of an appointment will be charged at our standard callout rate.